Valerio Galli

Web designerweb developer e SEO in Milan, expert in creating, restyling and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimization of websites.

Web Design

Web Design

Design & technical development phase of the individual web pages: includes the technical functioning of the site, communication, the graphic aspect and the UX.

Web Development

Web Developing

Development & optimization phase of web apps, especially the development of the programming source code, the databases and markup languages optimization.



Set of transactions for the marketing of goods and services, carried out via Internet with online payment services, such as authorizations for payment by credit card.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

It indicates the technique used for crafting websites that can automatically adapt to the device in use, minimizing the need to resize and scroll the contents.

Strategic analyzes

Analisi strategihe

It is the research process necessary to set concrete objectives and formulate a strategy, in order to enhance the website and make it competitive with respect to direct competitors.



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of strategies and operations to increase the visibility of a website, improving its positioning in all search engines.



SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the set of web marketing activities carried out to increase visibility and traceability of a website; it also includes SEO operations.



Network service that consists in allocating the pages of a website or a web app on a server (physical or virtual), making them accessibles from Internet and its users.